Common Q & A and Facts

Q: Do you do wedding cakes?
A: At this time I will NOT be doing wedding cakes. But I am happy to be a part of any other celebration, especially BIRTHDAYS!

Q: How much do you charge?
A: Every cake is different. No two cases are the same. You have to factor in the cost of ingredients to make the cake, along with hours of labor, size and detail of your cake or cupcakes. If you are interested, please email me with a brief explanation of what you'd like and I can give you a price quote. Once we get more into depth on the actual details of the cake, I can give you an exact number.
Q: Do you deliver?
A: I can deliver cakes in the Surprise area alone. If you live any where else you will need to arrange for someone to come pick up the cake, or there will be an automatic $15 charge. I wish I didn't have to do this, but I've got two very young kids and a husband that is gone ALL the time, which equals no help and one stressed mom!

Q: Do you design the cakes yourself?
A: I usually do! I like to hear your ideas and give you some of mine. Then I usually can sketch up a design and send it to you, if you don't like it, I can try again until you do! However, if there is a cake you have seen online, you can always send it my way and I can try my best to replicate it.

*I must have at least a THREE week notice before your event.
*Please try to pay (at least) half of what is due no later than a week before your event so that I can get the proper supplies/ingredients needed to buy your cake. The rest is due at the time you receive your order.
* I will only take one order every two weeks, that's about two orders per month. So I'm very sorry if I have to turn you away, but my cute little boys come first! Hurry and contact me, the bigger heads up, the better!

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