Thursday, December 27, 2012

One I never posted...

So my "maternity leave" did include two cakes, one for my little boy, the Cars cake, and this one for my niece.I made it when I was 38 weeks pregnant, and hoped that working hard on something possibly stressful would put me into labor. Of course I was EXAUSTED, and couldn't find the energy (Little did I know I was carrying a NINE pound baby around, no wonder I could barely  move!) So this cake didn't turn out quite like I was hoping and I never posted anything about it, but now I can share it because I'm not pregnant and I can now just laugh about it and how disastrous it really was! Thanks to my sister in law for letting a very crazy, hormonal, ready to pop out a baby, pregnant woman, pass some slowly passing time! It really helped keep my mind off of how badly I wanted to be in labor, for a day at least! Inside the cake was PINK! Little Claire was such a doll digging into it!

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