Monday, December 26, 2011

Doctor, Doctor!

I whipped this little 8" cake for our Pediatrician/ Uncle/ Employer. He is the greatest, so this is how my husband and I wanted to thank him. Who doesn't love cake right? This one was a butter pecan batter with striped cream cheese frosting and coconut pecan filling in the center. And in case you are wondering what that yellow thing is, it's supposed to be just a little sticky note. All edible of course!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


My second wedding cake. I was so worried about what this one was going to look like. It was so hard to get the real cake to look as nice and perfect as the Styrofoam, but after putting it all together and getting the ribbon and flowers on there, it looked great!

Monster Theme

 I loved making this smash cake! I have to give the credit to a picture Brandi showed me on Pintrest. 
Such a cute idea!
 These little monster heads were so much work, but it all turned out so cute. 

Dress-up time!

 My little niece Ella turned 2! She is all girl! So I came up with this dress-up cake and mini cupcakes for her. It was probably one of the funnest cakes to make. I look at it and think only one thing, Barbie! 
 Sweet little Ella with her cake. Shouldn't she be happy? haha, I'm sure she was when she actually 
got to EAT it.

My favorite part was making these flowers, they are so easy, and so fun! I also really enjoyed making fondant jewelry, not very easy, but they turned out pretty cute. 
 Cute little owl themed cupcakes and smash cake for little Sophia. I think they turned out great! 
 This cake was so much fun to make!
Here is the adorable little Birthday girl!

Happy Birthday LYLA

 This was a two tier owl themed cake made for my sweet little niece on her very first Birthday! 
 It was originally supposed to be three tiers, but, still learning, I had a few, set backs and this is how it turned out. All in all it turned out pretty good. I love the owls getting so popular these days!

a few more experiments

 This little cake I made for my good friend Tina for her birthday that I totally missed! I picked a button theme because she owns a ton of amazing buttons, and when I think of her, I just think of buttons, and how stylish she is! 
 Okay, don't judge, this was my VERY FIRST TIME EVER making cupcakes, these are mini cupcakes. I know that the green frosting is a little, awkward, and the colors of the roses are also, awkward. But I had extra fondant from Tina's cake, already colored, and felt like trying out the cupcake thing for my ward Relief Society activity. It's the effort that counts right? ha 
 Cake pops. I LOVE EATING cake pops.   Making them, is another story. I'm usually a perfectionist on these things, and its frustrating to not be able to get the chocolate coating completely smooth. But this was my first shot at them. They were strawberry flavored cake pops with strawberry filling and butter cream mixed in. It was so fun to make the fondant strawberries though! Sorry it's blurry!
Here are my first attempt at normal sized cupcakes. It was a blast! I LOVE eating cupcakes, and love making them! These were simple white and chocolate cupcakes with vanilla butter cream. And they were delicious! I'm a frosting lover, so I pile it on not only for the taste, but for the look. However, I have found that not everyone loves that much frosting. Hopefully someday I can find a way to fill my craving for frosting, but not overwhelm any frosting haters, and still make beautiful cupcakes.

My little man's 1st Birthday

This cake was very experimental. It took me about 4 nights of staying up til 3am. I had never worked with using fondant to mold, or make little creatures, it was hard! There were a few set backs, such as spending hours on a shark, only to end up throwing it in the trash and starting all over. But all it all this take taught me how to NOT do certain things, and though it was time consuming, it was fun! I picked an ocean theme because my little guy was in love with a certain baby movie that showed nothing but sea creatures, we watched it about 4 times a day to keep him happy! 

my very first fondant cakes!

 I started making fondant cakes after watching two seasons of Cake Boss and being inspired to create amazing things. That was back in May, and these were my very first experiences with it. At the time I was proud of myself and really had fun with it (minus the staying up all hours of the night). But now I look at these cakes and cringe, they are so not creative. Hopefully I have improved!