Thursday, December 27, 2012

One I never posted...

So my "maternity leave" did include two cakes, one for my little boy, the Cars cake, and this one for my niece.I made it when I was 38 weeks pregnant, and hoped that working hard on something possibly stressful would put me into labor. Of course I was EXAUSTED, and couldn't find the energy (Little did I know I was carrying a NINE pound baby around, no wonder I could barely  move!) So this cake didn't turn out quite like I was hoping and I never posted anything about it, but now I can share it because I'm not pregnant and I can now just laugh about it and how disastrous it really was! Thanks to my sister in law for letting a very crazy, hormonal, ready to pop out a baby, pregnant woman, pass some slowly passing time! It really helped keep my mind off of how badly I wanted to be in labor, for a day at least! Inside the cake was PINK! Little Claire was such a doll digging into it!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I'm Back!

Hello cake world, I've missed you dearly! It was a long pregnancy and I've been a little shy coming back to you. With two little ones and a tiny apartment, it's not the ideal cake making lifestyle. But after 4 months post baby, I think I'm finally ready to jump back in and give my life a little more crazy! (as if its not crazy enough right?) There are a few things I want to make clear, I will not be doing wedding cakes at this time, until further notice, but will love to bake for any other occasion. I can not deliver cakes out of town, so unless you live in the Cedar City, UT area, you must be able to pick up the cake and work that out with me. And don't forget that I also do cupcakes, look at older posts to see what I have done in the past. Email me for availability and price quotes. Thanks for being patient and understanding while I took my long much needed break! I'm so looking forward to caking, baking, and cupcake making!