Tuesday, December 20, 2011

a few more experiments

 This little cake I made for my good friend Tina for her birthday that I totally missed! I picked a button theme because she owns a ton of amazing buttons, and when I think of her, I just think of buttons, and how stylish she is! 
 Okay, don't judge, this was my VERY FIRST TIME EVER making cupcakes, these are mini cupcakes. I know that the green frosting is a little, awkward, and the colors of the roses are also, awkward. But I had extra fondant from Tina's cake, already colored, and felt like trying out the cupcake thing for my ward Relief Society activity. It's the effort that counts right? ha 
 Cake pops. I LOVE EATING cake pops.   Making them, is another story. I'm usually a perfectionist on these things, and its frustrating to not be able to get the chocolate coating completely smooth. But this was my first shot at them. They were strawberry flavored cake pops with strawberry filling and butter cream mixed in. It was so fun to make the fondant strawberries though! Sorry it's blurry!
Here are my first attempt at normal sized cupcakes. It was a blast! I LOVE eating cupcakes, and love making them! These were simple white and chocolate cupcakes with vanilla butter cream. And they were delicious! I'm a frosting lover, so I pile it on not only for the taste, but for the look. However, I have found that not everyone loves that much frosting. Hopefully someday I can find a way to fill my craving for frosting, but not overwhelm any frosting haters, and still make beautiful cupcakes.

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